Claude Debussy Arabesque No. 1

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i felt like all my different selves were pulling away from each other at once, all in opposite directions, until what remained was static, a buzzing, a discomfort, a lack of safety or form. so i clung on tightly to her, i rubbed my cheek against hers and felt myself melting into her skin. isn’t this wonderful? i thought aloud but i was twitching, my breathing heavy and uneven, my grasp desperate. if she didn’t coax me to sleep with the calm of her touch, i probably would’ve spun into myself, crumpled into her fists upon realizing the hollowness of my being.


Born in 1976, Hiromix rose to fame in Japan after winning the 11th New Cosmos of Photography (写真新世紀, Shashin Shin-seiki) award, hosted by the photographic manufacturer Canon, in March 1995. Hiromix was nominated by Nobuyoshi Araki, one of Japan’s best known photographers, for a series of photographs called Seventeen Girl Days. Through her provocative photographs depicting the life from a teenager’s perspective, Hiromix became a media sensation and pop cultural icon in Japan.

Nan Goldin - Couples and Loneliness
Wedding bed, Berlin (1997)

Vincent van Gogh
Trunks of Trees with Ivy, 1889
Oil on canvas

Self Portrait in White Flowers, Sutro Baths, March 2014 by Vivian Fu

several stages of progress of the 2014 oil painting Interpenetrated by the Void at Rick Stevens Studio


Tfw ur parents are still hanging on to the possibility of u becoming straight

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