“We’re not dating, but we’ve come to trust each other in such a way that when people look at us they think, ‘Oh, they’re so close. They must be a couple.’ But an intimate relationship doesn’t have to be sexual—he turns me on intellectually and we wholeheartedly enjoy each other’s company. We feel that we’re each other’s surrogate true loves.”

how’s that by fka twigs

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Tips for Managing Intense, Negative Feelings


1. Try to figure out what is causing you to feel so awful, ashamed, or down.
2. Talk to someone you think will understand.
3. Identify and accept the feelings that you have (They’re not right or wrong … it’s simply how you feel right now.)
4. Express your feelings in a safe, non-threatening way.
5. Related to this, think of ways to manage them effectively so that you don’t feel quite so bad, and so completely overwhelmed.
6. Try to get some space, or a change of scenery.
7. Avoid being with people who demand too much from you (especially those who drain you emotionally.)

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my ears are really hot so i stripped to my panties and felt ashamed that i forgot how to embrace my singularity

so the waves of thunder roll through the dark and lightning doesn’t discern, the silhouette of mountaintops peak through the haze

while the mountains are alone in its protection of the valley, there is no weeping


Lesley Vance - Untitled (2013)

manuel alvarez diestro captures hong kong’s surreal landscape

Oluchi photographed by Steven Klein, W Magazine December 1998

Tran Anh Hung, The Scent of Green Papaya, 1993.
aaah i love you, too!!! i’m gonna rly try to make it to texas this winter… if not then, the springtime!